Support Opportunity: Central Review of Departmental Grant Reporting Uses & Needs

ASU’s Financial Management System (FMS) support team is teaming up with departments to help improve grant reporting in Workday. Beginning in November, ORSPA’s Workday Grant Administration team is interested in meeting with departments to shadow various grant-financial processes that utilize grant reports (whether Workday, shadow and other) in order to help create informed recommendations of report improvements/developments to the FMS support team. Benefits to departments who would like to take advantage of this opportunity to meet with ORPSA include:  

  • Directly influencing how new and improved grant reports will be developed
  • Pain point visibility to ORSPA staff who have expertise in Workday reporting
  • Coaching on how to better use existing Workday reporting resources
  • Recommendations of how to streamline existing process(es)
  • The ability to demonstrate the reporting problem without also having to come up with the solution of how to improve it

For those departments who are interested in hosting a shadow session for the Workday grant administration team, please e-mail Kianga Stevenson with the following information:  

  • Which of the following report-dependent areas would you like to review? If multiple, please identify top three.
    • Account forecasting
    • Ending grant review
    • Post-term expenses
    • Reviewing/approving requisitions on grant accounts
    • Reconciliation of grant payroll
    • Reconciliation of grant non-payroll expenditures
    • Reconciliation of F&A
    • Purchase Order/Supplier Contract spend monitoring
    • Grant burn-rate review
    • Cost Share monitoring
    • Other? (please list)
  • Who would demo the current processes for the area(s) identified above?
  • Which conference room/offices at your location would the session occur?
  • Provide any existing department work instructions/templates/forms that are used for the processes you would like to be reviewed

Thank you very much, we look forward to partnering with you!