Tableau ERA Reports have moved to Analytics 3.0

The University Technology Office has rolled out the new analytics portal, Analytics 3.0. RTD Tableau reports such as the RID and IIA Detail and Proposals Submitted, and the KED Analytics reports have moved locations, so old bookmarks need to be replaced. The new interface also includes a community discussion board for all data users across the university.

To access these interactive dashboards go to and login. If you are accessing Tableau for the first time the system will ask you accept that you will be providing information to the AZ Board of Regents to use the tool. Select whichever option you are the most comfortable with and click “accept.” To see a full size of the image please click the  the image.

Once you are logged in using your ASURITE and password, you will have access to the Tableau reports and the BI Discussion Board for data users across the university. Click on the “Getting Started” link on your homepage for a quick tutorial of the new interface.

To access reports hover over “User” in the dark grey bar and select “My Groups” in the drop down menu. This will provide you links to all groups that you belong and their associated reports. The previous ERA Tableau reports are locate in the KED Research Technology Office group. Please note that if you have an edit button you will only be able to edit reports if you have access to complete that action.


To see a full size of the image please click the  the image.