Temporary Change in Additional Pay Process

Effective the first week of November the Fiscal Oversight Team will be bringing back the use of the ORSPA 310 Form for additional pay requests/approvals.  The 310 form is available here and is expected to be available at the Research Administration “Forms and Templates” link  sometime the week of November 2. If you have any questions, please email Sylvia.Myers@asu.edu.  

Additional pay requirements remain the same – proof of sponsor allowability specifically for additional pay must be included with the completed 310 form, along with any other relevant backup documents.  Completed forms and backup documentation are to be emailed to SPNmonitoring@asu.edu, this is noted on the 310 form.  A completed form with all signatures will be required before a related PTR will be approved by ORSPA/FOT.  General additional pay information is located at WI-EP-130, which is expected to be updated soon.

Please notify your unit’s Business Office and/or HR Office of this process change.  The O365 OKED RA SharePoint Additional Pay site is still available for use if preferred, but the 310 form offers an alternative to the SharePoint site.

Fiscal Oversight is anticipating this being a temporary process change.  Other automation options for the additional pay process will be explored in the near future.