The Pivot funding database has a new look!

Pivot has upgraded its look and feel, and has a new, simplified log in page! Beginning September 9, when you log into Pivot you will see a new “home dashboard” page that looks like the screenshot below:

New User Interface Benefits:

  • User friendly – more intuitive access to the most important and most used features.
  • More helpful – additional on-screen links to guide users to available help and resources.
  • Responsive – designed to be used and displayed fully across any device, desktop, mobile, and so forth, now utilizes full screen.
  • Accessibility – provides a database that is accessible for all users.
  • New change – Active Opportunities have been replaced with Tracked Opportunities.
  • New feature –New deadline certainty facet – options between confirmed and anticipated deadlines.
  • New feature – ability to expand the number of search results per page.

The Pivot login page and email alerts will also be getting a fresh look.