Update to ASU’s Expense Settlement Process

Effective Fiscal Year 2020, ASU is settling expenses every day in Workday instead of waiting 30-45 days to take advantage of vendor payment terms. This has two critical benefits to the research community:  

  1. Accounting Adjustments cannot be done on a non-settled expense. Since expenses are settling so quickly now, you’ll be able to leverage this task right away for corrections that are needed.
  2. Sponsored Invoicing cannot include unsettled expenses in Workday, which often results in invoices being submitted to sponsors that are less than what is seen on the Budget to Actuals report. As ASU is no longer waiting to settle transactions based on payment due date, invoice submissions for a period will reflect much closer to what was approved for that period.

Please be aware that ASU will not settle expenses that have failed the match process. RAs/BOMs, please utilize the Supplier Invoices in Match Exception – ASU Customized report and filter the results by your cost centers/grants and work to resolve them as quickly as possible. Units can also reference the Workday Work Instructions to Clear a Match Exception.