ASUF Updates: Key Contacts and Signers

1/3/2023, Clarifications – Agreement Contacts vs. Proposal Contacts

  • Melissa Gray and Angela Vasquez are on point for questions regarding charitable grant agreements.
    • ASUF is also seeking to recruit a Charitable Agreement Manager to assist with the agreements workload.
  • Jenny Bickford and Suzanne Rinker should be added to ERA FPs (the Pre-Award tab of the Charitable Grants sitelet has been updated)
  • Jenny Bickford is still the contact for assistance with proposals to foundations, and Shaun Brenton is still the point of contact for assistance with applications to corporations (for the time being).
    • ASUF is in the process of hiring Shaun’s successor for corporate proposals.

12/22/2022, Update Please see the below announcement and updates from the ASU Foundation team:

Please note that as of January 1, 2023 Shaun Brenton will no longer be the point person on charitable grant agreements for ASU Foundation. All questions should be referred to Melissa Gray, Senior Director of Gift Agreements in ASU Foundation’s Office of General Counsel ([email protected] ), and Angela Vasquez, Senior Charitable Agreement Specialist ([email protected] ). Unless it’s urgent, please send emails regarding charitable grant agreements and applications to [email protected] . ASU Foundation and EP Partners will continue to monitor emails sent to [email protected] and [email protected] on a daily basis.

For all proposal applications going forward, please ensure that Shaun Brent is not listed as one of ASUF’s authorized signers/contacts. ASU Foundation’s authorized signers are:

  • Grant application/agreements for less than $20,000 require only one signature – Virginia DeSanto, Treasurer ([email protected] )
  • Grant application/agreements for corporations – Virginia DeSanto, Treasurer ([email protected] ), and Suzanne Rinker, Vice President of Enterprise Development ([email protected] )
  • Grant applications/agreements for foundations –  Virginia DeSanto, Treasurer ([email protected] ),  and Jacqueline Smith, Vice President of Presidential Advancement ([email protected] )

Note – on occasion Gretchen Buhlig will serve as ASU Foundation’s second signer (instead of Jacqueline or Suzanne)

Shaun Brenton will continue to be available to answer questions and provide guidance as needed until she retires on Monday, March 7, 2023.


Arizona State University Foundation has updated the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (OCFR) website. The website is now called Corporate Philanthropy, Foundation Development, and Writing Services and includes expand/collapse accordion sections that outline their four defined teams.

ASUF institutional information and proposal documents previously found on the OCFR website can now be located in the Proposal Resources section under “Links to ASUF Institutional and Financial Information Frequently Requested by Grant Makers.”

Note: The OCFR email address has also been updated to [email protected]. Any questions should be directed to this address. The [email protected] is still active for the time being.