UPDATED: Initiating Applications in the DOE EERE Submission Portal

The ASU.Awards@asu.edu user account is still not behaving as expected in the DOE EERE Exchange portal. In order to allow a Grant and Contract Officer (GCO) to submit the proposal, please SHARE the application with ASU.Awards@asu.edu and your assigned GCO. Any ASU affiliated account can be used to create the application.

The “Share Submission” option is available at the bottom of the details page for the application once you are logged into the portal.

The DOE ERRE submission portal is currently only providing submission functionality to the user profile that initiated the application. RAs should use the login information on the RA E-Business page to initiate applications so that your proposal Grant and Contract Officer has the ability to submit the proposal.

If any other login is used to initiate the application, then the central research office is unable to submit using the institutional account.

If the password needs to be reset please email PNT for assistance.