Updated NSF C&P FAQs

NSF released an updated FAQs for the new Current and Pending Support requirements included in NSF 20-1 PAPPG. A summarization of the updated clarifications is below.

  • #10: Senior personnel do not need to identify any mentoring activities in their C&P that take place as part of their regular appointment. However, in-kind support for mentoring undergraduate or graduate students needs to be included in the C&P. 
  • #11: The term “research endeavors” refers to the endeavors of the particular individual. The C&P includes all planned, pending, and current support provided directly to the individual or to them through their organization in support of their individual research endeavors.
  • #12: NSF is planning to review all FAQs and incorporate additional clarifications as appropriate before posting the 2021 draft version of the PAPPG for feedback. Feedback should be sent to policy@nsf.gov
  • #13: If an investigator from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) is proposed to serve as senior personnel and not requesting salary, their name and the estimated amount of time devoted to the project should be included in the Facilities, Equipment and Other Resources section. 
  • #14: If postdoctoral research is personally funded by another organization and the fellowship does not flow through the proposing organization, then the support of the postdoctoral research should not be submitted as part of the PI or Co-PIs C&P. 
  • #15: Consulting or professional service arrangements (defined in 2 CFR 200.459) are not a source of support in the PAPPG that must be reported in a C&P, unless the individual will be conducting research as a consultant.
  • #16: If a PI or Co-PI is not requesting salary support, they should be listed in the Facilities, Equipment and Other Resources section with their name and estimated amount of time devoted to the project.