Updates to Research.gov Proposal Preparation & Enhancements

On May 2nd, NSF released the latest Research.gov proposal preparation functionality updates and NSF Public Access Repository (NSF-PAR) enhancements:

Beginning in January 2023, all new proposals must be prepared and submitted in Research.gov or Grants.gov. FastLane will no longer be a preparation and submission option.

The following new Research.gov proposal preparation functionality will be available May 2nd

  • New Postdoctoral Fellowship Proposal Type: The Postdoctoral Fellowship proposal type is available in Research.gov for proposals submitted in response to postdoctoral fellowship solicitations that do not contain reference letter requirements.
  • Expanded Where to Apply Options: Proposers now have to the ability to choose additional Directorate/Division/Program options (i.e., secondary units of consideration) to direct proposals to NSF.
  • Project Data Form: The Project Data Form is now available in Research.gov and must be included in proposals for selected funding opportunities in the Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR)/Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE).
  • Separate Uploads of Multiple Supplementary Documents: Proposers can now upload multiple PDF documents in the Other Supplementary Documents proposal section and will no longer need to combine documents into a single PDF prior to uploading.

 The following NSF Public Access Repository (NSF-PAR) Enhancements are effective May 2nd

  • PIs and co-PIs can now remove research datasets from NSF-PAR without assistance from the NSF Help Desk by disassociating the NSF award(s) from the dataset. Disassociating all NSF awards from a dataset removes the dataset from the NSF-PAR publicly facing search.
  • Deposit of dataset information in NSF-PAR remains optional, and there are no changes at this time to NSF’s Public Access policy or project reporting requirements.

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