Wenner-Gren Foundation Proposals

Proposals to The Wenner-Gren Foundation are managed and submitted by the PI or Unit RA. The Proposals and Negotiations Team (PNT) is not involved in the proposal process until the award is made. Once awarded, the PI and unit have the option to have ORSPA  administer the award, if desired.

If it is determined that the award will be administered by ORSPA, the RA will:

  • create and process an ERA Funding Proposal (FP) as an After-the-Fact (ATF) submission.
  • complete as much of the award paperwork as possible, including obtaining student signatures.


The assigned PNT GCO will ensure forms are complete and obtain Director signature. Once the signed documents are sent to the sponsor, PNT will forward the award to the Award Management Team (AMT) for account set up.