What to do When Using an ASUF Letter Agreement to Execute a Charitable Award

In the recent Charitable Grants 101 workshop, ASUF and KE presenters shared that ASU Foundation has developed multiple templates for charitable grant agreements to be used with sponsors that don’t have their own agreements. Please follow these steps when 1) a sponsor has agreed to make a charitable grant but does not provide their own agreement, or 2) a simplified letter agreement is preferable:

Step 1: Contact OCFRgrants@asu.edu

Step 2: Provide OCFR with FP number, relevant documentation, including proposal and budget

Step 3: OCFR will provide the appropriate template

Step 4: Share draft of agreement with OCFR prior to submitting the agreement to the sponsor (OCFR must approve language before agreement is sent to or signed by sponsor)

Learn more about how OCFR executes gift and grant agreements: