Workday Integration Issue Affecting iLab and P-Card Expenses

10/15/2018 – Please see update: P-Card Transactions from Sept 3 – Sept 21 Posted


10/1/2018 – Please see update at Workday Integration Issue Affecting iLab and P-Card Expenses (Update)


Original Notice, 9/25/2018 –

P-Card Expenses

Due to a Workday integration issue, P-card expenses have not posted in Workday since mid-August. The P-Card office is working to resolve the issue.

iLab Expenses

Most of the iLab expenses incurred in FY19 have not posted in Workday. The Workday team has determined the iLab integration error and will re-test the submission of the billing files to fix iLab FY19 expenses through September 22nd. The target completion date for iLab re-testing is Friday September 28, 2018.


Units are advised that these type of system integrations might overstate current available balances. To ensure accuracy and continued prudent fiscal management of sponsored accounts, units should always account for all projected expenses when determining account balances, even those not yet captured in Workday.

Units that have not yet updated internal processes to accommodate the implementation of Workday can use the following process for budget projections and grant balances:

  1. Pull the Budget to Actuals – Grant report in Workday.
  2. Export the report to Excel.
  3. Note that Excel version of the report only includes data. You will need to add formulas to the “Total” row and “Available Balance” column.
  4. In the Excel version of the report, add any planned expenses not captured in Workday under the Encumbrance column (by Ledger Account).
  5. Use the FA Calculator to estimate F&A.
  6. Add F&A total from calculator to Encumbrance column.



How do I know which P-Card expenses have posted to a grant?

Use the ASU – Procurement Card Journal in Workday.