Worker Position/Title in Workday Reports

Units are advised that position/title information is integrating into Workday based on the worker’s current position/title not the position/title held at the time the charge posted.  

For example, let’s assume a graduate student worked as a GRA on a sponsored account during Fall 2020 but worked as a TA on a local account Spring 2021. If the unit pulls any Workday reports for Fall Semester payroll expenditures for the sponsored account during the spring, the payroll charge will show that the worker was a TA not a GRA. In other words, even though the account mapping is correct, the Worker position/title could no longer be accurate. 

To overcome this reporting limitation, units are encouraged to review Peoplesoft data before making any decisions based on the worker position position/title (such as moving pay off because it appears unallowable due to the position/job title alone).  

ORSPA staff should take this reporting limitation under consideration when preparing financial reports and conducting audit reviews.