Adjustable ERE Rates Coming to ERA Budgets

10/6/2023 Update: Anytime a user navigates to Budget SmartForm (BU) 1.2, all ERE will reset back to standard rates based on the effective date selected on BU 1.2. If a user opens BU 1.2 after manually changing any ERE rates on BU 3.0 Personnel Costs, the user will need to go back to BU 3.0 and redo manual ERE rate adjustments on BU 3.0, as appropriate.

An ERA system update is scheduled for tonight Monday October 5, 2020.  After the system upgrade, RAs will have the ability to adjust ERE rates in ERA in the same manner RAs can adjust Tuition Remission. This functionality should only be used when sponsor policies:

  1. Do not allow fringe benefits
  2. Do not allow escalation for out years
  3. Restrict fringe benefit rates below ASU’s approved rates

This feature will be available on Budget SmartForm 3.0 Personnel Costs – Grid. Each personnel line will default to include the automatically calculated ERE rates according to the default employee category as it does now. After the update there will be a new option to uncheck the automatic ERE rates. Once that box is unchecked, ERE rates can be manipulated for each personnel line in each year. If the rates are manually entered and you select the automatic ERE rate button again, the manual entries will be overwritten.

Please note that whenever you manually update ERE rates, you will be required to upload the sponsor documentation on Budget SmartForm 5.0 Q2 Manual ERE Justification.