ASUF Updates and Reminders

Reminders, 2/26/2024 – Jenny Bickford is no longer with the ASU Foundation and should not be listed as an ASUF contact on proposals or agreements.  The [email protected] mailbox is the best ASU Foundation contact to use for questions, inquiries, etc., as it is monitored by multiple people and will remain consistent even as staff come and go from the Foundation.

What should be done if a document requires an ASUF institutional signature, or a submission portal requires ASUF action?

Send signature requests for proposals, vendor setup forms, and banking institution forms to [email protected]. If ASUF will need to take action in a sponsor portal, please reach out early (to [email protected]) to make arrangements. Requests should be sent with as much notice as possible and include the date by which the signature (or action) is needed. Anything with award terms and conditions will require an additional layer of review as well as an authorized signature. ASUF may not be able to accommodate late-notice (especially day-of) requests.