Big changes to After the Fact Reporting for Spring 2023 Forward

We have great news to share about improvements to our After the Fact Reporting (ATF) process ( that go into effect this week: 

  • Non-federal grants will no longer require After the Fact reports.
    • Federal and sub-federal awards will continue to require ATF Reporting, business as usual.
  • Cost-Share Program Accounts will now be included.
  • Department Staff with ATF roles will be noticed of released ATF reports one month before the PIs
    • Provides additional time to make redistributions/corrections to grant accounts to alleviate prematurely acknowledged ATF reports by the PI

With these positive changes to the ATF report to reduce the administrative burden on faculty and departments while still maintaining required compliance levels, we will be increasing our efforts to resolve delinquent unacknowledged federal and sub-federal ATF reports.

If you have any questions regarding these changes to ATF reporting or suggestions for further process improvements, please contact [email protected] or reach out to our lead ATF administrator, Christopher McKee, at 602-496-5001 or via Microsoft Teams.