COI MyDisclosures & CITI COI Training

UPDATE, 5/16/2023 – CITI COI training is now required for those responsible for the design, conduct, reporting or purpose of funded research on any sponsored project, regardless of sponsor. The training takes less than an hour and is good for 4 years. Researchers are encouraged to go out and take this training as soon as they can so as not to hold up any sponsored awards or modifications. Information on the training can be found at

UPDATE, 5/15/2023 – COI MyDisclosures is now live for the researcher community! Please direct researchers to the MyDisclosures FAQ website or [email protected] for any questions or assistance with updating their discloser profiles in the new module.

4/7/2023 – Arizona State University is implementing a new solution to manage the disclosure of Conflict of Interest (COI) and Conflict of Commitment (COC) in accordance with federal and state regulations and statutes and ASU policies for faculty, staff, and researchers. This will replace the Enterprise Research Administration (ERA) current solution used for reporting for researchers within the Research Enterprise. As part of this initiative, all university employees responsible for reporting external interests will be required to submit those requests through the new MyDisclosures portal in ERA.

The implementation of the new reporting process will incorporate research disclosures as well as notifications of consulting, disclosure of substantial interests through the Office of the Provost, Office of General Council, and other external affiliations that are currently completed using paper forms. The initiative is targeted to begin rollout in May 2023 with KE reporting units and researchers.  Additional information is forthcoming to ensure all employees with disclosure requirements and their reporting units are prepared for this change.  Full implementation is expected to complete by the end of July.


Please email [email protected] with any questions about COI and the transition to MyDisclosures.