Conference Committee Leadership Roles & Responsibilities

Tri-University Research Administration Conference

  • The Committee Chair is responsible for: defining goals and timeline for the conference, making final decisions regarding the conference, planning and scheduling all conference committee meetings to maximize available time; dissemination of material to the committee whenever needed to keep members informed; overall management of conference development and logistics.
  • Committee Co-Chairs: Assist and support Committee Chair with responsibilities listed above. May oversee and support specific subcommittee chairs, as assigned.
  • Program Subcommittee Chair: Ensures that a well-balanced, high-quality agenda of topics is organized and presented at the conference. Under direction of the Chair and Co-Chairs, develops the conference’s call for proposals, selects presentations to include, creates and manages the conference schedule, and oversees conference logistics – including Zoom. (May appoint and leverage track leaders within the committee, if desired)
  • Communications Subcommittee Chair: Responsible for promoting the conference, selecting and managing the conference registration system, crafting content for event announcements and reminders, and overseeing creation and maintenance of the conference website. May assist the Program Subcommittee Chair to develop the call for proposals.
  • Presentation Subcommittee Chair: Assist with pairing up co-presenters during the open call for presentation proposals. Develop and disseminate presenter guidance and resources, conduct presenter trainings or workshops, facilitate run-throughs and provide feedback to presenters in advance of the conference. Manage all communications to conference presenters once selected for inclusion in conference agenda.
  • Volunteer Management Subcommittee Chair: Responsible for recruiting, training, and managing event-day volunteers – including, but not necessarily limited to, session moderators/monitors and IT support staff.
  • Evaluation Subcommittee Chair: Under direction of the Chair and Co-Chairs, plans and implements strategies to evaluate and report on conference success. This includes reviewing/updating conference surveys and managing dissemination plan to facilitate optimal response rates.
  • Networking Subcommittee Chair: Responsible for planning and implementing networking activities for the conference. This may include a networking event, as well as strategies for facilitating networking throughout the conference (and potentially facilitating networking before and/or after the conference).