Current and Pending Tool Update

The Current and Pending Tool has been updated to correct an issue that prevented searches for investigators when the search result included more than 10 results. This issue was most noticeable when searching for investigators with shorter names.

Here are some general tips for searching in the Current and Pending Tool:

  • Search by the investigator’s more distinctive or unique name (first or last) to narrow search results, if possible.
  • As you type the name, up to 10 results will appear; select the investigator’s name when it appears.
  • Add letters to the first or last name until you complete the investigator’s full name (i.e., just typing “J” might not result in a helpful list of results).
  • If you type in all letters of the investigator’s first or last name and still don’t see your investigator, search by the investigator’s full name (i.e., either First Name Last Name OR Last Name, First Name).
  • Note that you may not see any results before you finish typing the investigator’s entire name.