Searching Made Easy has shared some essential search tips and tricks to help navigate the vast landscape of funding opportunities they offer. allows you to search for phrases or parts of words, as well as complete words. The search engine compares what you have entered in the Keyword(s) search field with the title, description, and documents related to each grant opportunity.

You can use single words like energy or phrases like solar energy. Enclosing your phrases in quotation marks (that is, double quotes) ensures an exact match—especially helpful if you know part of the title or a technical phrase.

There are also advanced search techniques such as Logical Operators which allow you to combine keywords to refine your search even further. By combining keywords or phrases, you can formulate search queries that even more precisely target relevant grant opportunities. is a valuable resource just waiting to be explored. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different search combinations and discover the grant opportunities that align with your goals!

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