KE and ResearchAdmin Website Updates

UPDATE, 12/14/2023 – The new Research Administration website is now live! This was the largest website project that has been completed at ASU in many years!

Thank you, Dev Team, and all the contributors, for all your hard work!

In coming weeks, Research Operations will be given access to edit content on the site and will work on making needed updates, corrections, and improvements as part of ongoing maintenance.

As a reminder, users may need to update bookmarks as not all pages will auto-redirect to new locations. Please also double-check researchadmin links in personal/unit boilerplate language before sending to stakeholders or sponsors.

For questions or concerns, please reach out to Research Technology Support by submitting a help request on the RTO website.

12/1/2023 – The Researcher Support Guide has been updated as part of the implementation of a new Knowledge Enterprise website. Please see below for details.

The Research Administration ( website is also undergoing a migration and restructuring, to be launched on December 14, 2023. Many current researchadmin links will automatically redirect users to the new URLs, but some links will not have a one-to-one path. Users will need to explore the new site structure to find and bookmark frequently visited content.

For questions or concerns, please reach out to Research Technology Support by submitting a help request on the RTO website.

Upcoming changes to the researchadmin website:

  • The migration to a new platform has afforded an opportunity for the KE Web Services team to bring the researchadmin site more into alignment with current ASU web standards. For example, University standards require that the navigation menu be across the top of each page, so one of the cosmetic changes users will see is that the lefthand menu will be replaced with a drop-down menu at the top of each page within the site.
  • Resources that are most frequently used will be included on the main page, in addition to being available from the top menu bar
  • All content will be organized into the following 5 menu options:
    • Training and Workshops
    • Resources
    • Process
    • Systems
    • About Us
  • Each set of work instructions will have a landing page with brief bulleted lists of what can be found in each work instruction
  • Due to time constraints, most content will have moved “as-is” and continue to be refined moving forward. However, essential updates have been made to remove references to old systems (e.g., Advantage, Coeus, etc.) and fix broken links.

Stay tuned for additional updates. Research Administrators will be provided early access to the staging environment via the Research Operations and RA Community sites in MS Teams.

Key details for the new researcher support page:

  • The page is now titled Resources for Researchers.
  • The new direct link is
  • The old link ( will redirect to the new link automatically.
  • Any old college-specific links to the resources are likely outdated and will need to be updated to the new link.
  • College specific resources are now located at the bottom of the page.
  • Team and college content have not changed.
  • Additional resources have been added to the site for industry, students, donors, and media. Use the Resources tab dropdown to navigate to the page from any other page.