Reminder: Limited Submissions

Research Development’s Limited Submissions provides a transparent, equitable, and efficient method for promoting and selecting proposals for opportunities that are limited at the institutional level. The function also works to coalesce interest around complex limitations or eligibility requirements. While Research Administrators are the front line for eligibility and limitations, we are happy to work with you to review the solicitation.

As a reminder, if a solicitation is limited, please review our site for an announcement/posting:

If the solicitation does not appear, please email [email protected]. Include the solicitation and cc the Research Administrator.

For guidance on the overall process of Limited Submissions, including timeframe for posting and equitable review, please visit our website:

Note that it is best to email if you have a question about whether a solicitation is limited, or whether prior program cycles have been limited. This is especially important if the time between solicitation release and proposal deadline is brief.