Sponsored Project Data in ASU Vita

As of Academic Year 2023-2024, all annual evaluations for ASU academic personnel utilize the ASU Vita CV. As faculty prepare for the promotion & tenure review process, unit staff may receive inquiries regarding sponsored project data in ASU Vita.

Sponsored project data is pulled into ASU Vita from the *ERA system. However, data does not automatically flow directly from ERA to ASU Vita, instead, there is a monthly manual data load that is managed by KE Analytics and Enterprise Technology (ET).

An ASU Vita report is available via the KE Analytics Reports. This dashboard allows unit staff to see how ERA data is presented in the ASU Vita system and helps faculty understand (and maintain) their sponsored data.

ET has provided a knowledge base article, ASU Vita: Research Sponsored Project Activity Section, and a 6-minute ASU Vita and ASU Vita Dashboard overview video.


  • To update “KE Records” in ASU Vita, changes must be made in ERA.
    See the “To update the ERA System” section below for additional information.
  • Monthly Load
    ASU Vita is updated with refreshed sponsored project data between the 15th and 30th of each month. Due to the once-monthly cycle, it may take up to 5-6 weeks for ERA data updates to appear in ASU Vita.
  • Unit staff can confirm when the most recent data load occurred in the ASU Vita report (last row on the right).
  • Supplemental Funding
    When additional funds are added to an existing ERA award (not set up as a separate award) ASU Vita does not list the supplement separately. ASU Vita will show one single award, with the consolidated dollar amount total of the original award plus any supplements.
  • Pre-Proposals
    Only full proposals are reported in ASU Vita. ERA Pre-Proposal FPs are deliberately excluded from the monthly data loads.
  • Faculty-managed Records in ASU Vita
    Although “KE Records” cannot be edited directly in ASU Vita, academic personnel can manually enter proposal and award data in ASU Vita for projects that are managed by the PI and/or unit outside of ERA. (See ASU Vita: Research Sponsored Project Activity Section > Part 2 Sponsored Projects Not Administered by KE). Note: Entries that duplicate KE records should not be manually created/entered.

To update the ERA system:

  1. Compare ASU Vita Dashboard to ERA data.
  2. Is there a discrepancy between ASU Vita and ERA?
    • If ERA data was updated between the 15th and 30th of the current month and ASU Vita does not yet match, the KE data is in transit to ASU Vita, and no action is needed. The ASU Vita system will be updated by the 30th of each month.
  3. If the proposal/award details are incorrect in both ASU Vita and ERA, the ERA system needs to be updated. The RA will need to process a change in ERA (see options below). The update will be visible in ASU Vita by the 30th of the next month.

Questions? Please submit a Service Now support ticket from the RTO Website


KE: Knowledge Enterprise

ERA: Enterprise Research Administration

PI: Principal Investigator (used interchangeably with “Project Director” and similar terms)

 RA: Research Advancement Administrator (unit staff with administrative responsibilities for sponsored projects)