Update to IRB Fees for Industry Sponsored Research – Expedited reviews – Human Subjects Research

IRB fees for Industry Sponsored Research will be updated in the new fiscal year 2024-25. Due to continued growth in research partnerships with industry and ASU’s expanding research portfolio, we have deemed it is time to revise our IRB fees for projects that will require expedited review (one of the IRB review categories). Please keep in mind that for proposals that will be funded after July 1st, 2024 there will be an increase in IRB fees for studies that require expedited review as follows:

The IRB fees will be $2,000 for the initial review and $500 for continuing review.

These fees only apply for projects funded by private industry sponsors needing IRB review. Fees do not apply for projects funded from other sources (Federal, State, Non-profits, etc.) or for unfunded research. Industry Sponsored Research fees are based on the fact that the project is receiving IRB review, not because the project was initiated.

Payment of fees are typically due at the time the project is submitted to the IRB, The IRB will review the submission to determine the fee amount. IRB reviewers will reach out to researchers directly with an invoice listing submission details and fee information. At that time, researchers will be requested to confirm invoice details and will be asked to provide account information (Cost Center and Program/Grant number) for payment.

We highly recommend that you include updated IRB fees in your budgets for industry projects that might involve human subjects research. Please visit IRB special considerations page on ORIA website for more information regarding “Fee structure for industry-sponsored research.”

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected].