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This blog includes posts, updates, and announcements for the ASU Research Advancement Community for use in completing administrative duties related to sponsored projects. It will be primarily useful for ASU Research Advancement (RA) staff, both pre-and post-award.

Announcements are distributed regularly through the main Research Operations News  page. Members of the RA Community at ASU can sign up to receive system-generated newsletters immediately, weekly, or bi-weekly.

The following ancillary pages of Research Operations News will be updated on a weekly basis:

  1. The RA Seminars & Events page
  2. A page for Open Research Administration {and Related} Positions at ASU


We recommend that you bookmark Research Operations News, as well as the events and jobs page for future use.

Feedback and questions are welcome. Please contact RAhelp@asu.edu, Jessica Robins, or Heather Clark with suggestions and requests.