Change Management Committee (CMC)

CMC Contribution Center is Live 

August 15, 2023 – The CMC Contribution Center is now up and running, ready for community members to propose process changes and improvements for the committee to consider. Please review the CMC Contribution Center User Guide for instructions to access the portal and guidance for engaging with the tool.  

Questions? Please contact [email protected].  

Note: A similar ideas portal for ERA System Suggestions is launching simultaneously. 

Change Management Committee (CMC) Launch

July 7, 2023 – The FY24 Change Management Committee (CMC) has been elected, and CMC processes are launching this quarter, replacing the previous Change Management Board (CMB).

This new CMC structure is being implemented to improve and increase visibility and awareness of the change management process.

As part of the pursuit of quality and continuous improvement, changes and enhancements to existing ASU Research Administration processes and systems must go through a structured and formal change management review process. The Change Management Committee, or CMC, serves as the mechanism and forum to review, approve, implement, and communicate changes and information that impact research administration processes.

  CMC is a group comprised of elected representatives from across the University serving both pre-award and post-award roles. These individuals will represent their constituency in helping to facilitate process changes as voting members. The CMC will review and vote on process changes submitted by the research administration community.
CMC will be overseen by Committee Co-Chairs, Nicholas Petersen and Jessica Robins, and Facilitators, Valerie Keim and Bris Mueller. Specialty roles have been filled as follows:

  • Communications Lead: Samantha Munguia
  • Committee Secretary: Margaret Zywczyk
  Voting members have been nominated and elected to represent their college or an assigned group of ASU units as listed below. These college/group representatives will attend committee meetings, gather input from and disseminate information to colleagues in their College or Group, vote on items brought before the committee, take the lead on assigned items and initiatives, and participate in working groups.

  • KE Financial Services: Nellie Voise
  • KE Pre-Award Research Advancement: Robyn Rowan
  • Engineering Pre-Award: Amanda Ripstra
  • Engineering Post-Award: Jayson Johnson
  • The College Pre-Award: Echo Sayr
  • The College Post-Award: Sarah Montgomery
  • Maroon* Group Pre-Award: Christy Ellison
  • Maroon* Group Post-Award: Fernando Zacarias
  • Gold** Group Pre-Award: Melinda Marino
  • Gold** Group Post-Award: Samantha Munguia
  *Maroon Group (Units that submit 100-155 proposals per year, and manage 60-150 active awards): CHS, WATTS, MLFTC, EDSON

**Gold Group (Units that submit 15-60 proposals per year, and manage 25-55 active awards): HIDA, LAW/McCain, NCIAS, WPC, CRONKITE, CISA, EOSS, etc.
  • CMC Committee Members are now nominated and voted into the position by their peers.
  • Committee Members will now have the option to serve a 1- or 2-year term.
  • A new tool will be introduced for crowdsourcing ideas (the “CMC Contribution Center” coming later in July).
    • Anyone in ASU Research Administration will be able to submit process change ideas and also react to (up vote or comment on) ideas posted by their peers.
    • Changes that will have the most widespread impact will be discussed and voted on by the Change Management Committee (CMC).
    • Approved changes will undergo planning and implementation processes, led by CMC members and/or other community members.
  • Note: Change Management will also continue to focus on mandatory adjustments required by ASU Leadership, government regulations and guidelines, and/or other sponsor requirements.
    • CMC will discuss and vote on how the change will be implemented at ASU – looking to move forward with the best approach for the circumstance.
  • Communications from the CMC Communications Lead along with updates from local CMC representatives (CMC Voting Members) will allow for more transparency and community awareness of upcoming changes, as well as opportunities to provide feedback on upcoming changes.
  • The CMC Contribution Center will offer visibility and an open opportunity to provide suggestions for processes and practices.
  • RA Community members are encouraged to reach out to their CMC representative for questions or to provide feedback.
  • Additional information can be found in the CMC High-Level Explainer
  • Committee Co-Chairs and Facilitators are also available for general questions via [email protected].