New! ERA System Suggestion Box

Update: 5/14/2024 to replace the former ERA email address with a link to the ServiceNow Catalog.

A new ERA System Suggestion Box is now available for the research community to propose suggestions focused on improving functionality and usability for users. Examples of ERA system suggestions could include improvements to user experience, such as:

  • adding a new feature to replace multiple activities that happen in succession (e.g., combining finish and submit buttons).
  • adjusting ERA search filter options.
  • adding a specific feature to the ERA Agreements store that is already present in ERA Grants (or vice versa).

Bugs, technical issues, and maintenance requests should continue to be submitted through ServiceNow ERA Technical Support & Maintenance.

The ERA Information & Resources page has been updated with this new resource as well as an ERA Suggestion Box User Guide.

Note: A similar ideas portal, the CMC Contribution Center, has also been launched as a mechanism to submit general research administration process improvement suggestions is launching simultaneously.