ERA C&P Tool Update

The Current & Pending (C&P) Tool has been updated to include two new features. These features include:

  • The tool will now include a Yes/No column to indicate whether a Cost Share budget is present on a proposal or award.
    • For proposals: The Cost Share column will show a “Yes” response when the Total Cost Share Budget is greater than $0 on the Project Information tab.
    • For awards: The Cost Share column will show a “Yes” response when the answer to SmartForm 2.0 Project Information’s Question 5 (“Does this Award include Cost Share?”) is “Yes.”
  • The Cost Share row/column will show up in the generated outputs for the ERA Internal Reports options (Word and Excel). The PDF- and Word- generated reports for NSF, NIH, and Other remain unchanged and will not show the Cost Share question.
  • The effort levels populated for Pending projects in the tool will now reflect the Investigator’s total combined effort from the Sponsor Budget and Cost Share Budget (when a Cost Share budget is present on the proposal) to show total effort commitment on a project.
    • As a reminder, personnel effort on active Awards may need to be updated to reflect current effort on the project compared to effort on the original proposal submission. RAs can use the “Update Person Months” activity in the sidebar menu of the Award site to manually update effort amounts listed for the award. Any changes to effort levels on the C&P Tool itself will not be saved or registered.

The Current and Pending Tool guide will be updated soon to reflect these additions to the tool.