Presenter and Session Monitor Information

We are looking forward to having you with us at the Tri-University Research Administration Conference on Monday and Tuesday!

Below please find respective checklists for easy reference before and during your session(s):
For Tech Support during the conference, call 480-965-9065 Ext 1
If you need to reach a coordinator during the conference, please call or text:
  • Jessica Robins, 480-262-8277
  • Sam Munguia, 520-988-0948

The Resources Page provides Zoom links for each sessions.

PowerPoint Slides for most sessions are posted HERE. (Videos of each session will also be posted there later).

A Session List for Presenters and Session Monitors is available as a Google sheet. Please refer to this list to find out who the session monitor is for each session, the number of people registered for each session (updated with final numbers 3/18/2021), and the Zoom format for each session.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will their be a moderator for each session? What role will those individuals play and what tasks will they perform?
    • Yes. At least one Session Monitor is assigned to each session. The Session Monitor will start the session, go over the housekeeping slide, introduce the presenters (if applicable for the session), manage Zoom features, monitor chat/Q&A, end the session by encouraging attendees to participate in the forthcoming surveys. Session monitors will also make note of any attendee questions that presenters were not able to address in the session, so that answers can be posted with the slides and video after the conference.
  2. What housekeeping reminders does the session monitor need to go over at the beginning of the session?
    • Unless the presenters already have their own housekeeping/reminder slide that they plan to go over towards the beginning of the session, this housekeeping slide should be located at the beginning of the slidedeck for the session monitor to review.
  3. Will the presenters have slide control or will they have to verbalize to someone else to advance (and rewind) the slide deck?
    • Presenters will be able to share their screens and navigate the PowerPoint slides. (Note: typically only one presenter should share their screen at a time).
  4. How are co-presenters managing screen-sharing/advancing slides when there is more than one presenter?
    • For some sessions they have designated one presenter to share their screen and “drive”/advance slides for the whole group.
    • Other groups are using Remote Control, only one presenter will share their screen but they will give Remote Control access to co-presenters when it is their turn to present (any host or co-host has access to do this)
    • Finally, some groups are having each presenter share their own screen when it is their turn
  5. Will conference attendees have access to the PowerPoint?
    • Yes. Final PowerPoint files will be posted to a page for attendees on Friday, 3/19/2021.
  6. How much time should we plan on making available for questions at the end of the session?
    • It is recommended that presenters allow 5-10 minutes for questions during the session, if possible. Session Monitors will make note of any attendee questions that presenters were not able to address in the session, so that answers can be posted with the slides and video after the conference.
  7. I have a Zoom question, where can I find online guidance?
    • There are many articles and helpful instructions available at the Zoom Help Center:
    • For immediate/urgent tech support call 480-965-9065 Ext 1
  8. Who should I contact with additional questions?
    • The comments feature is available at the bottom of this page – please post your questions here so that everyone can benefit. If you have a question that is sensitive in nature, contact the session monitor, [email protected], or [email protected].

Archived Presenter and Session Monitor Information


  1. HI! Is it be possible to solicit questions/input from registered attendees in advance of the presentation?

    • Hi Sarah! Yes, we can send you a list of registrants for your sessions so that you can contact them in advance if you’d like to.

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